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        July, 01 2015     Spanish Version
Who are we? What do we do? Where are we located?
    Alcaldía de Baruta
    Banco Mercantil
    Banco de Venezuela
    Banco Central de Argentina
    Banco Central de Venezuela
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Ecoanalítica is headed by Alejandro Grisanti, Armando Grisanti, and Asdrúbal Oliveros. The staff is made-up of highly qualified personnel, which are backed up by an equally qualified network of associate advisors that are specialized in diverse areas and sectors.

Armando Grisanti.
Corporate Finance Area
    Armando Grisanti is Director of Ecoanalítica
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Asdrubal Oliveros.
Economic Area
    Asdrúbal Oliveros is Director of Ecoanalítica
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Michael Penfold
Strategic Planning Area
    Michael Penfold is Director of Strategic Planning on Ecoanalítica
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Juan Rafael Perez
Marketing area
    Director de mercadeo de Ecoanalítica
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Ericka M. Calcada Correia
Finance Area
    Ericka Calcada is Manager of Operations and Research Assistant for Ecoanalítica
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Paola Pernalete
Marketing area
    Directora de mercadeo en Ecoanalítica
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